Zacherle in Italy


An old family legend says that there are family members with our name living in northern Italy. I was told that they live near Venice, but I haven't found any of these. This trail is cold. Also, as far as I know, no person with the last name Zacherle lives in Italy today. That's sad - I would have loved to meet them and to talk to them.

Brixen, Bruneck and Karneid

However, there were some people with the last name Zacherle who lived in Brixen and Bruneck. Both belonged to Tyrolia at the time, and Tyrolia was part of the Habsburg monarchy back then. For example, Urban and Sebastian Zacherle originated in Vienna (as far as I know), but lived and worked in Brixen and Bruneck.

But even more Zacherle lived in Karneid. I don't know how far back our family story there goes, but have come to believe that the Zacherle family goes back five or sixhundred years in that area. I'm still trying to prove this by finding sources.

But wait! Isn't there a "Zacherle farm" in Karneid? Yes it is! It was in the same spot as the "Oberparnai farm", but both farms were split apart. Today, there's a guesthouse which uses both those names synonymically. The view from there is breathtaking! The mountains in the background are called Rosengarten (Rose Garden).

Considering the family legend about the origin of the Zacherle family - which was preserved in a couple of family branches independendly - it may well be that all of the Zacherle living today have their name from that farm! But where did the farm get its name from? The local rumor says that "zach" means "tough", and that there is a path just behind the farm that is so steep that you have to be very "zach" to go uphill there. In fact, mountain biker call this path "the wall of horror"!